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Interview Coaching  To Win Your Next Job Interview



Not only will you excel, but we will also make you STAND OUT amongst other candidates you’re up against. Our sessions are led by our Interview Coaching Experts who will strategically plan and execute personalized services according to your needs. In these sessions, you will learn techniques, tips, and guidelines associated with different types of interviews. Moreover, you will also learn and understand precisely what interviewers are looking for. As well as role-playing different interview scenarios.

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Competency Interview Coaching

Our competency coaching will allow you to pass competency interviews with flying colours. In these sessions, you’ll strategically learn how to respond to behavioural questions using the STAR method.
S- Situation
T- Task
A- Action
R- Result
Not only learning to use this in your competency interviews effectively, but we will also teach you how to structure your answers correctly. Your answers will be logical and concise.

Graduate Interview Coaching

Have you spent a lot of time studying and now wanting to transition to the working world? Do you want to secure that dream post-graduate job? Don’t worry; we can provide customised sessions tailored to your dream career. Each session will involve mock interview setups, which will include you answering specific questions and learning how to structure your answers with excellent examples.

University Interview Coaching Services

Our university interview coaching will allow you to shine like a leader amongst other course candidates. We customise the sessions based on your course and needs, then create a mock interview. Alongside this, we will train you on how to be a confident communicator for a traditional or a competency-based interview.

1-2-1 Interview Coaching

Prepare to give winning interviews after our bespoke 1-2-1 interview coaching. We tailor the sessions around your requirements to allow you to land your dream job. Typical sessions involve mock interviews, communication training, and grooming. To prepare you we undergo traditional and competency-based interviews. As well as focusing on your expressions, body language, and controlling your nerves. After these sessions, you will forever leave a lasting memory in job interviewers’ minds.

CV Writing

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time hunting for a job or university with no positive results? Our CV writing services can help you craft the perfect resume or university application. Don’t waste another minute of your valuable time! Purchase our services today and you will receive a well crafted CV that will wow readers. Our writers are highly-skilled professionals who have several years of experience in helping job seekers and university applicants. Let us put our experience to work for you!

UCAS Personal Statement

Do you need assistance creating your UCAS personal statement for university application? We can help you do just that and much more than that. We can help you stand out from other applicants and be accepted into the top institutions in the country to enrol in the most competitive courses. We elaborate a concise clear statement that will be engaging, in tone with your desired course. It will highlight your achievements, personal skills, aspirations. It will define you as you are in a way that will make many institutions think you are the right candidate for their limited spots. 

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